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Rlbot specific game settings

RLBot has the ability to change game settings only when RLBot is active. This can be useful when a different environment is desired for developing or running bots compared to playing the game yourself.

This is achieved by briefly altering TASystemSettings.ini as RLBot starts up Rocket League. This feature is currently only available on windows, and for the default TASystemSettings.ini location of %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Config.

To have settings that only apply when using RLBot, a TASystemSettings.RLBot.ini file has to be created in the same folder as TASystemSettings.ini. This file does not need to be a full copy of TASystemSettings.ini, but should only contain the differences with TASystemSettings.ini to improve compatibility with Rocket League updates. When RLBot starts up, the changes found in TASystemSettings.RLBot.ini will be temporarily applied to TASystemSettings.ini.

The remainder of this page contains some example use cases.

Cap the in game FPS to 120 for RLBot, uncap the FPS during normal play

This is useful to create the most consistent environment for RLBot. See Tick Rate for more info.

  • The FPS will have to be uncapped during normal play. This is achieved by setting AllowPerFrameSleep=False in TASystemSettings.ini.
  • In the game pause screen, the fps cap has to be set to 120 exactly.
  • TASystemSettings.RLBot.ini should contain the following configuration to turn the FPS cap back on for RLBot:

Other Useful Settings For Bot Testing

in [SystemSettings]:

  • ResX=1280 (Change the x value of your resolution)
  • ResY=720 (Change the y value of your resolution)
  • Fullscreen=False (False for window mode, True for fullscreen)
  • Borderless=True (enable borderless for windowed mode aka Fullscreen=False)