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Manipulating game state


We have a feature that lets you set exact positions, velocities, etc. for the ball and cars. You may be familiar with BakkesMod, this is very similar. It won't be enabled during tournaments, but it's very useful when building and debugging your bot.


  • Set up a specific scenario for your bot to try over and over. Better than custom training, because:
  • You have control over car orientation, velocity, angular velocity, and boost amount
  • You can do it in the middle of an exhibition match with opponents
  • You can control it all from inside your bot code
  • Build training sets for machine learning
  • Record snapshots during a game and "rewind" if you encounter a natural situation you want to iterate on
  • Hover your car in midair while you work on your orientation code
  • Build wacky physics rules to change the game, e.g. making the ball bounce off invisible walls, accelerate in a certain direction, etc

Language-specific documentation