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Air show


Rocket League, Music, and Programming: It all comes together in the 2021 Rocket League Air Show, hosted by Rocket Sledge!

The best bot choreography presentation will win $1000! Open to both team and solo entries. The bar has been set high by the original video in February 2020. What will you do to rise above the rest and earn the viewers' votes?


February 15th: Check-in and progress report with Sledge. At this time we may be able to indicate how many spots are available for the video and even confirmation of your entry (based on quality and progress).

March 15th: Full Submission due.

Video: Youtube

Getting Started

Tutorial: Youtube

You can chat / get help / form teams in the special air show discord channel.

Previous year's submissions

The code from last year's entries is open source!


You shouldn't lift entire scenes, but feel free to borrow code and concepts.

Getting Help

  • Ask questions on the RLBot #air-show chat room
  • We've heard interest from a few video editing experts, you might be able to team up! Check in the chat room.
  • The folks at the Rocket League Mapmaking Discord might want to collaborate if you have a cool idea.
  • You can watch the teams from previous years talking shop about what worked and what didn't:

2020: 2021: TBA


You may enter solo or as a team.

In order to win, you must be one of Sledge's personal picks to include in the showcase video on his channel, and then within that group, you must get the most votes from viewers via a google form, similar to the one from last year.

All music must be sourced from Epidemic Sound ONLY. You can create a month long trial account and download your music here: Music outside of this service will not be permitted even if it is “copyright free”. Epidemic sound has an amazing search filter and every genre of music. It is the same music service used by almost every major RL Youtuber.

Participation or inclusion in the video is not guaranteed at this point. Quality is important, refer to the original video as an example of what we are looking for. The first goal is to have a basic idea in progress by the February 15th check in date.

No part of your entry may be shared or posted until Sledge's showcase video has been live for at least 2 weeks. Going forward you are also agreeing that Sledge may use parts of your entry in future videos and promotions. Also you entry will most likely be stolen and posted to tiktok multiple times... welcome to the internet!

Please save test replay files and bloopers for possible inclusion in secondary video.

You are welcome to use "state setting" to teleport cars / make them move unnaturally. Some viewers last year loved stuff like that, some thought it was cheap, up to you how you want to chase those votes.

Also fine to use custom maps / any other mods.


  • 1st = $1000
  • 2nd = TBD
  • 3rd = TBD