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Console commands

Sending a Console Command

To send a console command from a python bot, e.g. Stat FPS, you would do this:

from rlbot.utils.game_state_util import GameState

# other code ...

game_state = GameState(console_commands=["Stat FPS"])

Other languages are not supported yet.

Known Console Commands

All of these are confirmed to work as intended. Please add more as you find them!

  • QueSaveReplay - Creates a replay keyframe and causes a replay to be saved at the end of the match.
  • Set WorldInfo WorldGravityZ 0.0000001 - Zero gravity (pretty much). Setting to 0 returns it to default. You can also use state setting to set gravity. Warning: Sending this command every frame will likely make your game lag!
  • Set WorldInfo TimeDilation 3 - Speeds up the game by 3 times. Can also be used to slow down the game with a number between 0 and 1. You can also use state setting to set game speed.
  • Stat FPS - Turns on a little in-game FPS counter. Can be turned back off with Stat FPS 0
  • ShowDebug PHYSICS - Nice little text readout which shows you some values, and also the names of some specific classes/attributes that you can use Set on.
  • Pause - Pauses the game. Send Pause to unpause the game. get_output/GetOutput/getOutput will still be called when the game is paused. This pause is the same as the pause when Escape is pressed.

Research for More Console Commands

Try some of these!