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RLBot Pack

The RLBotPack is a repository holding frequently requested bots in one convenient place. The main intended users are people joining the discord looking for a fun bot to try out. It may also be useful as a way for people running streams to get an up-to-date version of your bot.

To be a part of the pack, you just need to create a pull request with your bot to the repository.

To qualify:

  • Your bot must be capable of auto-run
  • Use Python or Rust? You're all set.
  • Other languages? We have a Java wiki, a C# wiki and a Scratch video.
  • Your bot must not have any crazy external requirements (except for very common ones like Java or Google Chrome)
  • You must be willing to trim out any extra bot configs from your folder that people wouldn't care about
  • Obey the guidelines
  • If you join the bot pack, people will be free to play against you for rank in the braacket league whenever they want!

After you create the pull request, somebody will come along, review your bot and eventually merge it to the pack.

Pull Request Tips

  • If you're uploading the files via GitHub, please make sure you're not uploading useless files like __pycache__, because the web upload bypasses .gitignore.

Updating an existing bot

It's very common for people's forked repository to get out of sync with the central RLBot/RLBotPack, and then when you make a pull request there's a bit of a mess. Here's a strategy for avoiding that:

  1. Make sure you have latest information from the central repo
git remote add rlbot-origin
git fetch rlbot-origin
  1. Pick a branch name for your change, e.g. my-new-change
git checkout -b my-new-change rlbot-origin/master
  1. Make your changes, e.g. you may be copying / overwriting files in your bot folder.
  2. Make a commit and push it to your forked repo.
git add .
git commit -m "My new change."
git push origin my-new-change
  1. Visit your forked repo on and create a pull request from the new branch.